Spring 2017 Research

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From Pop Art Design: for the sake of devising a theme, I recommend that you read beyond the required reading.

The articles that I had printed for the November 14 Docent Council meeting are considered “required” reading. I have placed an asterisk by their titles below.

I have articles in order as they appear in the catalogue published by the Vitra Design Museum, Germany.

If you chose to print any of the below, please consider the most eco-friendly way of doing so 🙂


*Just what is it that makes pop art so different, so appealing? A Success Story

*From Mad Man to Pop Artists: The Nexus of Advertising and Pop Art

Cover and Content: Appearance and Reality in Pop Music and Pop Art

‘A Menhir in the Middle of a Room’: The Spiritual Aspect of Pop

The Shop Window and Pop Art: From Precious Elixir to Calmative Potion

Pop – The Dissolution of Art and Design

Mutations of Pop

The Plastic of Inner Space

Tu vou ‘ fa’ l’americano – The Assimilation of the American Way of Life in Italy, 1950-1980

Other materials related to Pop Art:

Pop Art Design Checklist

Pop Art Design PowerPoint PDF

Allen Jones Interview – translated from German

*Pop L.A. Introduction – Cecile Whiting


I have created a YouTube page which compiles relevant (and sometimes just fun) videos relating to the exhibition cycle. Please visit this page:



Forms of Identity: Women Artists of the 90s
Curated by OCMA’s very own Curatorial Associate, Alyssa Cordova

Forms of Identity Wall Statement

Forms of Identity Checklist

Forms of Identity PowerPoint PDF

*Essay: Womanhouse

*Cecile Whiting on Womanhouse